About Us

Our History

The Whit’s End Podcast was started in April of 2008. The podcast was inspired by The Unofficial Podcast. While it may not be the most popular podcast out there, if you listen, you are sure to hear something you will like.

Your Hosts

As you listen throughout all of the episodes, you will find a variety of hosts. Bren started out with a co-host named Drew Hester. He was around until May of 2008. Since he left, Bren has had a variety of co-hosts. Sometimes someone was with him but most of the time he was solo or let another person have air time. The list includes Town of Odyssey (also called the ToO) users such as Jellyfish, Jennie, Emily, Tyler and also Matt.

On Saturday, August 10, 2013 Eugene the webmaster stepped in front of the microphone with Bren for the first time.