Album 58 Episode Title and Release Info

There have been rumors swirling around the AIO Wiki that Album 58 will be similar to
Album 53 in that it will be a 14-part album. We can now confirm that this is correct and that the episodes will bear the same title as the album, “The Ties That Bind”. Our sources also note that there will be more info about the album on next weeks official podcast.

Personally I am not sure what I think about this development. This album is supposed to be based on the concepts of the Family Project. That being said, we also have Comic-Connellsville in there. I hope that it isn’t something that could be viewed at as cheesy. Being that Christina Puccelli is older than Zach Callison, we can assume that Emily is sticking around. Given the track record of some of her mysteries being cheesy to an older listener, I can’t help but think we will have at least one of those episodes in this album. I just fear that Comic-Connellsville will be a storyline that doesn’t interest me. I’m willing to give it a chance though. Maybe the AIO team will continue the roll they have been on in the past with episodes like “The Perfect Church”, “Your Servant is Listening”, and “Life Expectancy” to name a few.

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