Album 58 On The OAC

There has been much speculation since last year about when Album 58 would be released. Album 57 started in August of last year. However, the OAC wasn’t a factor at the time. The original word we had was that it would be on the OAC in August and that it would come to the radio and digital download in September, with hard copies following in October. Thanks to a tip, we know that the following statement is in Clubhouse.

“If you’re new to the Odyssey Adventure Club– welcome to the neighborhood! You picked a great time to make your move. That’s because beginning in July, Club members will get to hear 2 brand-new episodes every week from the upcoming Odyssey collection The Ties That Bind. There’s family drama for Wooton and Connie, a potentially life-changing comic convention, plus a battle for the very heart of Odyssey. This sweeping, 14-part adventure features the town’s most colorful characters while bringing back fan-favorites. Best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy this album months before it airs on the radio or arrives in stores. Be sure to find out more at…because The Great Adventure Awaits”

This is very cool if they still plan to go with September for the radio. The family drama for Connie most likely includes Jules and hopefully Bill. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, you should tune into the Official Podcast tomorrow for information regarding this upcoming album.

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