An Update On The Broadcast Schedule

As you may recall from a previous blog post, we recently presented the idea of AIO switching to airing one season a year.

We have talked to Nathan Hoobler concerning this matter and this was his response.OAC

“The future of the Adventures in Odyssey broadcast schedule is still being discussed. For the near future. there will be one set of 12 OAC stories (available exclusively in the club) and one set of 12 “regular” stories (available on radio, CD, and so on). That’s always up for discussion, but that will be the plan for at least the next year.”

I am under the impression that the club episodes will continue the storyline that starts in The Pilot. If that’s the case, it could cause people to miss out on the main characters story arc that was mentioned in a previous official podcast. One other detractor is that if you don’t want anything but the episodes, you’re forking out money for 12 episodes that you could put towards 72 episodes (6 albums).


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