Future Plans for Adventures in Odyssey Fans!

So we were going to save this news for our next podcast… But since our schedules won’t line up for the next little bit, and it’s just so exciting, we’re posting it here.

A little while ago, between Bren and myself (I’m known as Eugene in the online AIO world, by the way), we were able to discover some super cool news about upcoming plans for Adventures in Odyssey!

It all started a few months ago when I was searching the Focus on the Family job listings for openings that related to Adventures in Odyssey, as I often do. Then, I found something that looked interesting. “What’s this?” I said to myself. It was, in fact, a listing for a new position called “Odyssey Club Producer.”

Now, I know that there is no such thing as an “Odyssey Club” at present. This was completely new information to me. So I clicked the link to read through the details as I was quite intrigued.

The job description said that the Odyssey Club Producer would be responsible to organize and coordinate various teams to produce and provide a cohesive and engaging club member experience. What does this mean? I think it’s kinda obvious… Focus on the Family is creating an official club for fans of Adventures in Odyssey! Isn’t that awesome?

So after I got over my initial excitement, I continued to read the listing. Further down in the “duties and responsibilities” section, it mentioned the upcoming A.C.T.S. contest several times. However, at that time the contest hadn’t been announced, so I had no clue what it was. But from the listing, it appears that the new producer will be working to develop web quests as a part of the contest. Not sure what that will look like, but it’s something to look out for as the contest draws closer.

Another interesting point comes later in the document where it says, “Works in tandem with Executive Producer…” (I’m assuming the executive producer of Adventures in Odyssey, also known as Dave Arnold.) “to brainstorm and develop storylines for the club dramas.” Wait… “Club dramas?” Does this mean that they will be producing a mini-series exclusive to club members? I kinda like that idea!

It also mentions developing films and documentaries. The documentaries will likely show what happens behind-the-scenes of Odyssey. As for the films, I’ll leave that to your own imagination.

Once I finished looking over the entire listing, I started to hyper-ventilate. (Not really…) The sheer awesomeness was just so… awesome! In the days following my find, I was looking out for other clues about this new club.

Around that time, the Official Odyssey Podcast released a special “ask the producers” episode. In it, Odyssey producers Dave and Paul mentioned something new coming towards the end of the summer; maybe in autumn. I think that this Odyssey Club is what they were referring to in that conversation. If it is, then this next season of Odyssey will be taken to a new level with all of this fun and engaging stuff.

Well, that’s basically it. But before you go and shout this news in the streets, I have one more thing that makes this even better!

I was talking with Bren a few weeks later (near the end of March, I think), and he mentioned that Brock left his position in marketing and had become some type of producer for Odyssey. We both kinda thought that Brock doesn’t seem the audio-engineering type. So we were trying to figure out what he might be doing in his new producer position. Just then, something in my mind clicked these two bits of information together.

I couldn’t believe what Bren and I had discovered! Not only will there be a new Odyssey Club in the near future, but the perfect person for the job will be making it happen! Brock Eastman is the new (and first) Odyssey Club Producer! How awesome is that?

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a screenshot of the original job listing.

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