New Odyssey Club Producer

Back in April, Brock Eastman announced that he would be leaving his position as the producer of the Odyssey Adventure Club at Focus on the Family. He now works for Compassion International; a Christian charity that supports and feeds malnourished children while training mothers to sustain the growth and development of their little ones. It just so happens that this organization was also one of the featured charities in the Odyssey Adventure Club.

We touched on that part of the story in our soon-to-be-released podcast. But what we didn’t know when we recorded is who would be filling Brock’s position. I just read an article that revealed Bob Smithouser as the new Adventure Club Producer. Bob has been involved with Odyssey for the past several years, serving as co-host of the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast alongside Jesse Florea. He previously worked as Senior Editor of Plugged In.

Source: AIO Update

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