One AIO Season A Year

What if AIO were to cut out a season each year for the near future? If we were to look back at the past couple years, the new things that the team are doing has affected the timing of things as of late. Take the contests for example. Get In The Show had a lot going into it, and as a result it delayed the progress on Album 57 and therefore it was pushed until the fall season. On the heel of that we have the ACTS contest which seems to be just as time consuming. That could very well delay the progress of Album 58. Then there’s the fact that among the few thing we know about the Odyssey Adventure Club, it will include exclusive AIO episodes. It doesn’t seem very likely that AIO would produce 36 episodes a year with everything else going on. Does that mean more big changes are on the horizon for the show we’ve come to know and love? Only time will tell.

    • That didn’t go so well with the relaunch though. They only lasted through what, 2 albums? I’ve heard many writers have a hard time writing for the long time characters.

  1. Good grief, no! Just because they’re going to be busy doesn’t mean they’ll cut back on shows so drastically. On the other hand, 57 was delayed because of Get in the Show, or so people say… Your theory is possible, but I pray it doesn’t happen.

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