​Mind Control Comes to The AIO Club

The cover of the Novacom collection.

Our friends at Focus on the Family have added The Novacom Saga collection to The Adventures in Odyssey Club.

When Novacom Broadcasting moves into the town of Odyssey, the media company gives every impression of being family friendly – until unexplained events begin to happen. Whit finds hidden cameras in his office…Eugene disappears…and blueprints for the Imagination Station are stolen. Could Whit’s invention be used for evil instead of good?

Meanwhile, Connie begins dating a young manwho works for Novacom. But can she trust a guy who seems to be keeping secrets from her? Soon Whit’s son Jason realizes that the strange things he’s noticed overseas may actually be pieces to this complex puzzle. With lessons on truth, trusting God, and spiritual warfare, the thrill-a-minute Novacom Saga presents this complete epic miniseries (plus bonus features) in one action packed set.

There has never been a better time to be a member of the AIO Club. With this collection added on the heels of The Ultimate Road Trip, could we possibly see the addition of The Blackgaard Chronicles in the future?

With great additions such as the Novacom collection, the AIO Club is a real deal at only $9.99 a month.

However, if you want to get a sample of what life is like as a member of the AIO Club, Focus is currently offering a 14 day free trial. You can find out more by visiting the website.

Album 62: Let’s Put on a Show OAC Premiere 

As Christmas draws nearer, the Odyssey Adventure Club is giving its members an early present with the release of Album 62: Let’s Put on a Show. Starting on Tuesday, December 6th, “Connie the Counselor” will begin airing. The schedule is as follows.

  • December 6: Connie the Counselor
  • December 13: No Friend Like an Old Friend
  • December 20: Fathers and Sons
  • December 27: The Grass Is Always Greener
  • January 3: Legacy, Part 1
  • January 10: Legacy, Part 2

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The Official Podcast shares memories of Janet Waldo and Alan Young

Alan Young and Janet Waldo

This spring, we were faced with the passing of Janet Waldo and Alan Young, the actors behind Joanne and Jack Allen. Earlier this week, The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast released a special episode to honour their memory and reflect on their time with the show. I knew that I’d cry while listening to it, but I also found myself laughing along as members of the Odyssey team shared their memories of Janet and Alan.

It’s a touching tribute to these two people who brought to life characters that we’ve all grown fond of over the years. They will be dearly missed.

You can listen to the episode on the Official Blog.

Tentative Air Dates For Album 61

Album 61As of this writing, the air dates for Album 61: Without A Hitch are as follows.

The Feud of Mason County: July 14th
Parker for President: July 21st
Old Tricks: July 28th
The Key Suspect: August 4th
A Very Bassett Wedding, Part 1: August 11th
A Very Bassett Wedding, Part 2: August 18th

The Feud of Mason County: November 5th
Parker for President: November 12th
Old Tricks: November 19th
The Key Suspect: November 26th
A Very Bassett Wedding, Part 1: December 3rd
A Very Bassett Wedding, Part 2: December 10th

*These dates are subject to change*

Official Podcast 250: Two former executive producers of Adventures in Odyssey enter the studio

Today the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast released its 250th episode. officialpodcast-logo_med

“Kurt Bruner and Al Janssen both worked with Adventures in Odyssey in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now, they work with Open Doors, this month’s featured ministry in the Odyssey Adventure Club. Kurt and Al told us about working at Whit’s End, whether “Sunset Bowlawater” fits in Adventures in Odyssey, and a soon-to-be-fan-favorite bailiff character. Plus, they tell us what Open Doors is doing around the world and how the Club episode “When One Door Closes” fits into that mission.”

You can listen to the latest edition of the podcast here.

Album 61 Cover Released

The cover for Album 61: Without A Hitch, has now been released. We currently know that this album will continue the focus that has been placed on family as well as covering the wedding of Wooton and Penny.

The episode titles we know thus far are:

The Feud of Mason County
Parker For President
The Key Suspect

A Very Bassett Wedding I & II

This album should air as the fall season of AIO, which would put it as a summer release for club members. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the release of this album.


Official Podcast #238 and Album 60 Details

officialpodcast-logo_medToday the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast released its 238th episode.

“Dave and Paul answer your questions: Are Penny and Wooton really getting married? When will the wedding take place? Will they meet Penny’s parents? Will Wooton and Penny have kids once they’re married? Will there be any action episodes in the future or a new villain? Will you find a replacement for Jay or will you have to bring back Rodney? Will you ever have another contest like Get in the Show or open casting calls? Plus, hear the first scene from “Words from the Wise,” the first episode in the upcoming Album 60: “Head Over Heels.”

You can listen to the latest edition of the podcast here.

Head Over Heels will begin airing in the Odyssey Adventure Club on December 9th.662px-60front
Words From The Wise: December 9th
Cycle of Fear: December 16th
No Cause For Concern: December 23rd
The Case of the Ball Cap Hero: December 30th
Between The Lines I: January 6th
Between The Lines II: January 13th

It will be available for download in February and for CD in March. It will air on the radio and online late next spring.

It sounds like exciting things are in store for the future of the show and we will do our best to keep you informed of new things as we learn about them


Paul McCusker Q&A

We have now released both parts of our 2014 Paul McCusker interview! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for sending in your questions. I believe that we did cover all of the subjects that were asked about, so hopefully Paul was able to provide answers that were satisfactory.

Anyway, we hope that you enjoy (or enjoyed, if you already listened) the Q&A. Hopefully we’ll get to do more in the future!

And remember to let us know what you think. Regarding this interview, or any of our other episodes. Let us know what you want to hear, what you like, what you don’t like so much, etc. We are listening!

So, thank you for listening! And remember that the best is yet to come!

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