Episode 73

After a long wait, they’re back! Listen as your hosts, Bren and Matt, talk about and review the latest Adventures in Odyssey episode, “The Labyrinth”. Also hear their predictions for the upcoming episode “To Mend or Repair”.

Episode 69

In today’s podcast, Bren and Matt return to the podcasting world to dicuss their thoughts on Wooton Knows Best and also talk about their hopes for A Penny Saved.

Note: If you haven’t heard Wooton Knows Best yet, we advise that you listen to that episode before listening to our review as it might spoil the story for you.

Episode 62

In episode 62, Bren and Matt are back to discuss the season premier of Cause and Effect; The Mystery of the Clock Tower, Part I!

Episode 2

Drew talks about The Whit’s End Podcast and his job there. A small review of  AIO’s ‘The Forgotten Deed’ which officially airs tomorrow, Saturday April 12th, 2008.