Episode 81: Covering the Cover of Album 59

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We formally introduce our newest co-host and editor Ryan Matlock! Then stick around as we discus the recent surprise announcement of upcoming Album 59 and the Jones and Parker Detective Agency book.

Album 59 cover

The cover of Album 59: Taking the Plunge

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  1. Just now enjoyed your latest episode, 81. First off, marvelous comedy with the fellow on stilts. Secondly, thanks for the information about the new Emily book. I pride myself on being an avid Emily fan but I had no idea. Where did you find that out? You say they “announced” it but I see nothing on Whit’send.org, so where? I feel like I’m always behind. Anyhoo, you guys are fun, thanks!

  2. Oh, thanks! Glad it was enjoyable. We actually found out about the new Jones & Parker book through the Wiki. I’m thinking that they got the news through Tyndale, but I’m not sure. It’s kinda weird because news like that doesn’t always come directly through the Whit’s End website. Which is why we hunt for it. 🙂

    P.S. We planned to have that out almost a week ago. But both Ryan and myself were sick around then on top of our busy schedules. So our editing/release timing has been pushed back a bit unfortunately. We should (no promises) have it out by the end of the week. In the meantime, we have an extra episode almost ready for release to bridge the gap. Once I’m back home on Monday, I’ll be able to finalize and post it.

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