Our Team


Creator, Executive Producer, Host

Bren created the podcast back in 2008 and is still hosting to this day.

Bren, also known as the world's greatest podcaster, was born long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. He was born a pauper to a pawn with a squeegee in his hand. Thusly, he was led to create this here podcast in 2008.


Website, Producer, Co-Host

Matthew joined the podcast to help out with the website. Eventually, he became a co-host as well.

Little known fact: Matthew helped to revive the podcast when Bren had decided to end it after a year-long hiatus in 2013.


Professional Editor, Curator of Awesome, Producer, Co-Host

Ryan helped out by editing our 2013 Christmas podcast. Ever since then, he's been a member of the team.

Ryan is a human being. He is not a robot, you can trust him with your important information. Seriously. No joke. He also helps with the podcast.